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أهلاً بكم في مكامن

Mohammad S. Alzou'bi 

“Money Can Build Nations; Minds Can Create Both”

Who We Are?

Given the significance of Think Tanks and Civil Societies in making public policies, their role in influencing well-being of peoples and the idealization of their governments’ decisions, DEVE Initiative has been established as a non-profit organization in 2021 to transfer expertise, Develop, Enhance, Value, and Empower these entities in the Middle East and beyond. DEVE Initiative also focuses on investing the huge database it has on think tanks and civil societies in the Middle East and beyond, to provide reports and studies on their situation, and offers recommendations to get them into excellence and chef de file. DEVE also offers a unique ‘Thought Map,’ that measures intellectual and research activities in the MENA region and beyond.

DEVE Missions

Develop; Enhance; Value; Empower

DEVE Rules

Professionalism; Confidentiality; Exclusivity

Head of the Initiative

Mohammad S. Alzou’bi is the head and co-founder of DEVE Initiative. Alzou’bi holds MA degree in International Policy and Diplomacy from UK Staffordshire University and BA in Translation & Interpretation from the Applied Sciences University-Jordan. He is also a research intern and MENA Team member in the TTCSP program at University of Pennsylvania (TTCSP). 

Contact Mohammad at: m.alzoubi@devein.org 

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